How to Sell on Amazon in India | In 4 Easy Steps !!!

Sell on Amazon
Sell on Amazon

What is Amazon India?

Amazon is an unique e-market in India which can help you to take advantage of its growth for your own business growth (Sell on Amazon). Obviously, thanks to its combination of incredible product variety. Amazon is an E-commerce market which has large number of retail advertising platform. Any person in India with an valid GST number can Sell in India.

If one of you is willing to Sell on Amazon India. I SNU can teach you how to setup all the things and start selling. We all know that India is the 7th largest country in the world. It has an population of over 1.33 Billion. It is an awesome opportunity for e-commerce companies that want’s to enter the Indian market.

E-commerce is rapidly growing in India. With the online revenue predicted to get double from 20.6 billion dollars in 2017 to 40.8 billion dollars in 2020. This growth is helped to get doubled by the 560 million active internet users in India. Who are searching for deals, products and online services.

Sell on Amazon
Proof of my earning from Amazon.

4 Easy Steps to Sell Products on Amazon in India

1. Decide What to Sell on Amazon (India).

According to an report there are around 300,000 sellers or merchants that are selling on Amazon India. Each of them have their own Unique product lines and Brands. A top seller on Amazon US need not be an top seller on Amazon India.

If you to know what are the top selling products on Amazon India then simply visit Amazon India Best-Sellers section. Then, from here select the product line you are interested in and have a look at the list of top performers.

Once you have decided what your are gonna sell, and which all products are at the top positions. It is important to review your own product line to see what it offer’s. Do you any products that are comparable to the products of the top sellers? Do your top selling products align with the, what the top seller’s product is showing?

You will have to take a cautious approach to your initial Amazon India product line. Be careful, don’t load your entire product line in at once. You will either have to setup your top performing product or the product you think that is close enough to the top-performing product on Amazon India.

2.How to Register on Amazon India.

Before you register on Amazon, you will be needing to gather some documents which depends on what type of business you are doing.

You will be needing the following documents if you are an sole proprietor:


For Private Limited Company, you will needing the following documents:


Once you have collected all the required documents, register yourself on the official Amazon seller’s portal by following the steps given below.

Remember that, you have to register yourself as PLC. By registering as PLC can offer better opportunities for you to scale up over time, than the normal sole proprietor registration.

3. Add your products on the Amazon Store.

You can add your products on Amazon India’s Seller Portal. You can add one product at a time or you can also upload all the products at a time.

To add one product at a time, follow the steps given below:-

  1. Log in to your Amazon seller account, click on the Inventory button, and then click on Add product.
  2. Check whether your product already exists in the inventory by copying the product’s UPC or EAN in the find it on Amazon search box. If there is no match then click on the Create tab to create a new product.
  3. If you dont have an EAN or UPC code you want to get an GTI Exemption for your listings we will show you how to get GTI exemption.
  4. Now you will automatically prompted to classify your new product by selecting from the list of categories provided by the Amazon India. Choose the categories carefully, because it is not possible to edit the categories after the detail page is created. Once the details page is created, fill the product details in the given tabs: More Details, Description, Keywords, Images, Offer, Vital Info.
  5. Then click Save to finish

To add multiple products at once, follow the steps given below:-

  1. Log in to your Amazon seller account, click on the Inventory button, and then click on Add product.
  2. Then fill all the mandatory fields about your product like Product Images, dimensions, weight, description etc.
  3. Then Submit your Product listing file. It should have detailed instructions in step-by-step manner on how to fill in the appropriate information per product.
  4. When the file is completed, log back in to your Amazon account. Then open the Inventory tab, then click Add Products via Upload, and then under the Upload Inventory File button, then go to file type and select Inventory Files. Select the completed Excel file to upload, the upload process may take some time.
  5. You will receive a confirmation message saying ” The work has been done”.


  1. You can also Map other product that sold on amazon by other seller there you can list your price and map their same product and start selling on amazon.
  2. Here, you can see one thing the other seller not have any Trademark Certificate if they have trade mark certificate then they will suspend your account.
  3. But you can Map when you know other seller you take permission from that seller for selling similar product under that seller.
  4. when you get permission the to sell there similar product on amazon you will sell that product on amazon by mapping it easily without any risk.
  5. when you get your first order you will pack that order and measure it weight or dimension and fill it and shipped that order.
  6. when order get delivered then you will receive your payment to there registered account within a week.

How to add your Bank details to your selling account?

  • Firstly Go to the Setting on dashboard and click on account info.
  • Then Go to the Bank Information Section there you will see the option to add a bank account to get your payment or earnings to you.
  • When You get your orders then you will dispatch that order with in Estimated Ship Date if you are not able to dispatch with in the ESD date then your Late Dispatch rate will increase and your Amazon selling account Health will be impacted.
  • So, Ship your Orders as soon as possible within the day when you received it or next day after you receive it.

Conclusion on “Sell on Amazon” !

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