PUBG banned in India

PUBG Banned in India Including 118 other App’s !

PUBG Mobile Banned: You can still play but with some restrictions!

The latest wave of ban has taken down 118 apps off the mobile phones by the Government of India, however, the biggest casualty is the PUBG Mobile. PUBG banned in India by the Government.

The unexpected has happened. Starting day before yesterday, millions of PUBG Mobile gamers have started losing access to the battle royale game in India. After a few weeks of rumours and reports, the Governent of India finally included PUBG Mobile and the lighter version of the same PUBG Mobile Lite in the list of banned apps in the country.

PUBG banned in India
PUBG banned in India

The latest wave of ban has taken down 118 apps off the mobile phones by the Government of India, however the biggest casualty is the PUBG Mobile — a battle royal game that is probably one of the biggest multiplayer game of the last few years. PUBG Mobile’s popularity is so much that it sees tens of thousand of users log onto the application every day, and spend not only time but also money on this game that has become popular on both the iOS and Android devices in the country.

The PUBG Mobile and the PUBG Mobile Lite has been banned in the country due to the escalating tensions between India and China. The Government of India said in a press release, it has explained that there are serious data privacy and security issues including the game as its servers are based out of India.

The Government of India claims the move to ban the game “will safeguard the interests of many mobile and internet users in India” and is a decision that is “targeted move to ensure safety, sovereignty and security of the Indians.

How you can still play PUBG Mobile even after Ban?

According to the latest order by the Government of India, only PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite have been banned for now, but the government is still allowing gamers access to the servers of the game. On the papers, the reason appears to be the fact that PUBG does not have anything to do with China, and instead it uses the servers operated by PUBG Corp — which are entirely based in South Korea. This currently allow the gamers to play PUBG Mobile in India, not on mobile phones or tablets, but on PCs.

While this way may not be ideal for all users, it still allows the gamers in India the access to the game , even if it is from a platform not of their choice. But if the matter of choice is ignored, there is an actual benefit of playing PUBG on laptops and desktops. PUBG offers much more impressive graphics on desktop, and much more immersive gameplay to the gamers.

The fact is that PUBG is paid on PC, and also it requires a good specs PC to play to run.

PUBG Mobile Banned? Here is what you can play now in India

In an another blow to China, PUBG Banned in India Including 118 other App’s ! PUBG Mobile entered the Indian markets four years ago, and within a very short period of time, it became immensely popular among the youngsters in India.

Although the users will not be able to play PUBG Mobile, here are some of the other alternatives that you can play:

1) Call of Duty

Call of Duty is an another most popular game available both iOS and Android devices. Call of Duty is a multi-player game that has thrilling 3D graphics and sound, and lets its players to text and voice chat.

2) Fortnite

Fortnite is yet another popular game but is has now engaged in an battle with Apple and Google. As a result, Fortnite has been removed from both App Store and Play Store.

3) ShadowGun Legends

This game is developed by Madfinger Games. Just like PUBG Mobile it is also an multi-player game which is available on both App Store and Play Store.

4) Battle Prime Online

Battle Prime Online is yet an another multi-player online game that is available on both App and Play Store. Battle Prime Online is a multi-player third-person, fast paced with console level graphics on the mobile.

5) Garena Free Fire

Available to both iOS and Android users, it is also a shooter game that is developed by Garena International Private Limited.

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