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The Power Director is a very powerful and professional video editing software. You can download Power Director Pro Mod Apk version v9.4.0 from our website by clicking the link given below. I will be sharing with you the features of this app, lets start without wasting any time.


There are many video editing apps available on the Internet but there is nothing like The Power Director. The Power Director Pro Mod is free and available on both the Android and iOS devices. But the premium edition of Power Director is paid. We will be providing you the Premium version of Power Director with the latest update. If any update is available later, then no worries you can update it without paying even a single penny. If you were to ask me for the best video’s editing app then I would strongly recommend Power Director.

Power Director Download APK
Power Director Download APK

But there’s a catch with this software, which is the watermark of power director on the video. But you don’t have to worry about the watermark because it can be removed at the end of editing the video. For that we have to download Power Director from our website which is totally free.

Power Director VS Kine Master

Features of Power Director !

The Premium edition of Power Director display’s no watermark on the videos. Power Director also has plenty of top rated features such as the stiky label and the Chroma Key. It also has transition and many other features which are very easy to use. The premium edition of Power Director is paid, which means you will have to pay some cash in order to use that software. If you are installing it from our website then it is absolutely free. There are many varieties available in the latest version of Power Director.

Download Power Director Professional Version

The Power Director can support the creation of wide-screen and High-Definition Videos with the MPEG-4 Formats. We can also add the DVD Menu Designer, make slideshows and many many more extra video templates. The Power Director also supports MPEG-2 HD WMV format of any video.

It is an powerful video editor. Power Director  has all new True Velocity Rendering Engine which supports 64-bit OS ( Operating System). True Velocity rendering engine is necessary for High-Definition video editing. The latest version of Power Director offers the upgraded version of True Velocity Rendering Engine. By using the True Velocity Rendering Engine the 3D workflow enhances and it also supports OpenCL. The users of the Power Director have access to more than 4.4 lakhs of free templates.

Features of KineMaster !

The KineMaster Pro Apk can support 1/10 2D videos, symbols and many layers. Excellent videos can be created using the Kine Master with animation sequence, time- lapse videos and many more things. Using the all new color grading filter out choices you can create movies and make them pop. The Kine Master regularly gets Bug Fixes and improvements.

It can be upgraded to the latest version of Kine Master Pro. Some of the special features of Kine Master are that it is handiest to use and has handiest features that are only available on the premium version of Kine Master. You will be able to download the Premium version of Kine Master Pro Apk directly from our website.

Extra Features !

Power Director Download APK
Power Director Download APK

Now, let’s talk about the special features of Kine Master Pro Apk Ultimate version. You edit videos in which green screen is used. Video layering is enabled for most of the devices, speed of the video can be regulated. The Kine Master Apk has no ads which means it is 100% ad free. Transition can also be used on the videos. The Kine Master supports all the video formats and it capable of optimizing the unsupported videos.

The Kine Master Pro Apk is totally loose, but do not worry, we will be providing you the Premium and latest version of Kine Master. You will be able to edit videos layer by layer, and edit accordingly. There is an infinite collection available of audio and video on the premium and upgraded version. Editor’s can view video’s in preview during editing. The Premium version of Kine Master additionally offers body via frame trimming. Video slicing and more features are available in the premium and upgraded version. Transition effects like 3D and 2D transitions, fade in and fade out are also available in the Premium and upgraded version of Kine Master Pro Apk.

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